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  • Melanie Patric

Block Play, Collage, and Dress Up...

Today was a great day to do our favorite creative activities inside. The grey clouds and misty weather kept us in, but we had fun anyway!

We began our day with our usual calendar, weather, and circle time routine, then moved on to some block play. The littles and I worked on making and breaking down block towers while the older children were free to construct whatever they wanted.

One child made a restaurant, another made a "sheep's wool and milk machine," and another made a house for Snow White.

Once all the blocks were put back in their container, we moved on to sharpening the children's scissor skills (no pun intended!). We practiced proper thumb-and-fingers grip and cut up pictures of flowers from a magazine.

Once we had a nice pile of colorful flowers, we used paintbrushes to brush glue onto construction paper and added the cut flower pictures to make a garden collage. We talked about the colors and sizes of the flowers as we added them with a "pat, pat, pat."

When our art supplies were cleaned up, we took a few minutes to get the wiggles out. We played with balloons, trying to keep the balloons in the air for as long as possible. Imagine our surprise when one of the balloons stuck to the ceiling because of static! The big kids had fun watching the effects of static as they rubbed the balloons on each other's hair and soon were ready for music time.

I love playing music for the children because it's easy for me to adapt or change a song to suit the mood. Today was no exception, and we had a truly great time adding verses to a song that goes like this:

There's a {insert animal} in our school, oh no,

What are we going to do?

If there's a {animal} in our school,

It will have to learn the rules,

And it will have to learn the alphabet, too!


{children make animal noises to the tune of the alphabet song}

The children had all sorts of inventive ideas about which animals we should sing about ranging from geese and sheep to fireflies and butterflies.

Last, we took some time to make up a silly story as we played dress up.

We had two princesses, a cupcake fairy, and their mom and dad. Needless to say, there were many pretend cupcakes enjoyed as we acted out our story.

In the afternoon we enjoyed some more movement and gross motor building as we practiced hitting the balloons and keeping them in the air as long as possible. We wrapped up the day by reading The Pout Pout FIsh and The Easter Egg.

See you tomorrow!

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