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  • Melanie Patric

Through the winter of 2019

To kick off 2019, we had a great time learning colors and engaging large motor muscle groups with a fun game!

Our game involved two bins and lots of leftover holiday bows. The children took turns picking a bow from one bin, naming the color, and then running to drop the bow in the second bin. This was a great hands-on, physical activity that reinforced the social convention of taking turns. See a little excerpt below to see how fun it was!

January was chilly, so having warm food was important to us. We made plenty of muffins to eat for lunch. Pictured below are the Blue Sky Daycare children preparing corn muffins. The children used fine muscle groups to scoop, dump, pour, and stir. They loved cooking just like grown-ups do, while more turn-taking taught patience and social conventions.

As the weather grew milder, we discovered leftover milkweed seed pods in the back yard. The silky fibers of the seeds were fun to touch and of course, were tons of fun to blow. We chased the seeds as they floated in the wind.

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