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Circle Time, Sunflower Story, and Gross Motor Skill Builders...

The children and I have been having so much fun with our sunflower theme so far! We love the beautiful coffee filter sunflowers hanging high in the window, we love our circle time fingerplays about sunflowers, and most of all, we love the story I've been telling about why sunflowers hang their heads. I adapted the story from Madge A Bingham's Overheard in Fairyland. You can find her telling here.

The big kids and I have enjoyed working on our counting through one of our fingerplays that goes like this:

Five little sunflowers growing by my door;

I picked one for Grandma and now there are four.

Four little sunflowers, the prettiest I've seen;

I picked one for Grandpa and now there are three.

Three little sunflowers just a lovely few;

I picked one for Daddy and now there are two.

Two little sunflowers growing in the sun;

I picked one for Mommy and now there's only one.

One little sunflower, a sunny yellow hero;

I picked one for YOU, and now there are zero!

After circle time we decided to work on our gross motor skills. Races were in order, so on the command "On your mark, get set, GO!" the children joyfully ran all sorts of silly races including jumping, crawling, and somersaulting races.

Somersaulting races made everyone very dizzy, but the were awfully fun!

There was even an occasional headstand thrown in for good measure...

Later in the day the children and I enjoyed watering the garden together, and we rounded off our morning by checking in with the caterpillars. It's amazing how much they have changed and how different they are in size. Will they all get big? We'll just have to wait and watch.

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