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  • Melanie Patric

Block Play, Shooting Stars, Mailbox, and a Colorful Ending...

The children seemed to be in a quiet and meditative mood this morning, so I decided that a good chunk of time spent making and playing with blocks was just what was needed. At first, the children and I focused on just square blocks...

... but after a bit we decided to mix and match the Lego-style blocks, railroad tracks, and natural wooden blocks. Soon there was a whole town with a railroad and a zoo!

While the big kids focused on blocks, the little in residence had a very good time doing one of his favorite activities so far- inspecting shells. There are so many fun textures, interesting shapes, and beautiful colors, and the little and I take time together to talk about the qualities of the shells.

The little was even willing to let the big kids appropriate a few shells for pretend play in their block town.

Later in the day the big kids and I worked on making shooting stars in celebration of the Perseid meteor shower. We're tying the shooting stars in to a story I've been telling the children.

The children used a knitting needle and their fingers to stuff felt stars with wool.

Stuffing the wool into the small arms of the stars was great practice for improving coordination in little fingers.

Later in the day, the children and I had fun playing pretend mail delivery. We all took turns being the mail carrier and the person getting the mail.

There were all sorts of interesting mailings to discover- advertisements, informational mailings, bills, letters from friends, and invitations.

After the mailbox play faded, we spent some time dancing and doing somersaults. It was lots of fun!

The little was very excited by all the action and had lots to say about it!

There were several rain showers throughout the day, so we kept our eyes peeled for a rainbow. Luckily, we spotted one, and it was just beautiful! The children and I wondered how it got there and we named the colors we saw before we splashed in some puddles the rain had left behind. What a lovely ending to our day!

See you tomorrow!

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