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  • Melanie Patric

Dress-up Dolls, Pretend Sleepovers, and Kite Flying...

This morning we had a wonderful time after our morning routine. The children and I worked together to make clothing matches as we played dress-up with a set of magnetic dolls. We made up stories all about where the dolls were going to go and why they were dressed the way they were. Our favorite story was about a doll that liked to go out in the rain and stomp in puddles. She also liked to feed the ducks bread and talk to her friend the frog.

Once the dolls were all dressed for bed and their clothes put back in the "closet," we had lots of fun playing pretend. We brought all the cuddly blankets and pillows we could find and made pretend sleepover beds. It was lots of fun, especially doing lots of loud pretend snoring!

The clouds cleared and a wind kicked up and so we took advantage of the weather and brought our kite out for some fun soaring and gliding. The chidren and I worked together to put the kite together and get it up in the air, then the children took turns holding the kite string.

Once everyone had their fill of kite flying, we walked along the edge of the marshy area nearby. We saw lots of frogs jump into the reeds ahead of us, but we weren't quick enough to catch any of them. We spotted an egret which became wary of us and soon flew to a more secluded area.

Nearby, we found evidence of a meal. We weren't sure if it was the egret's meal or if it once belonged to another animal, but either way, it was a very large crayfish that had been caught.

On our way home we saw several butterflies, some big and some small.

We later read a few chapters of our Tiptoes Lightly story collection. It was a lovely day!

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