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  • Melanie Patric

A Birthday Celebration!

We had a very special celebration today- a birthday! It's so much fun to make a special day filled with favorite activities for the birthday child and it is a lovely time to reflect on the child's journey so far at Blue Sky Daycare.

During calendar and weather time, we took time to talk to the birthday child about what it was like when she first came to the daycare as a tiny baby, then how she grew and had milestone moments through her time here. We talked about some fun activities to do today, and the birthday girl chose playing under the sprinkler as her favorite.

After our morning routine, our birthday girl got to help pick out and create her special birthday treat. I gathered the ingredients and the children and I worked together to make the cake quite efficiently.

It was particularly fun because each child got to add some love as they added ingredients.

We all enjoyed some lovely, sweet watermelon at snack time.

After that, it was time to enjoy lots of water play under the sprinkler.

One of the children watered plants by holding the watering can under a stream of water and letting it fill the can.

Stomping in the wet grass was fun.

Running under the spray was refreshing!

Filling up some of the sand kitchen equipment turned into something unexpected...

... painting with water on the garden stones!

All of us noticed the roar of a biplane soaring overhead.

Once we were all clean and dry, it was time for the birthday celebration to get underway. After finishing lunch, the children sang "Happy Birthday" and the ceremonial candles were blown out... with a little help from friends. The cake was all the more delicious because everyone had a hand in making it.

Later in the day, we read Happy Birthday, Moon and Kitten's First Full Moon.

See you tomorrow!

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