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Legos, Lemonade, and a Park Visit...

Today we started our day as usual with our calendar, weather, and circle time routines. After that, the children (with occasional help) made some wonderful pretend houses, castles, and even a garden from large lego-style blocks. We used figures to bring the structures to life and played out several scenarios like walking to the park, taking a dog for a walk, and visititng a princess.

We have wanted to visit the park for several days, and today the weather was just right for a longer walk. We made a plan to visit one of the larger parks. It is within walking distance, but it's a longer, more challenging walk than others, and with that in mind we decided to make a refreshing summer drink to enjoy at lunch. Lemonade sounded like just the right drink, and so we set about pressing our lemons. We squeezed...


...and occasionally patted the juice out of the lemons, then added water and sugar.

Next, we took on the long walk to the park. We played "I Spy" on our way, and before we knew it, we were there. The children and I were pleasantly surprised to find some other children at the park, and we had lots of fun playing with them on the merry-go-round.

The children took a few minutes to enjoy the speed and rush of the swings as I helped them practice pumping their legs.

After that, the children spent a long while climbing up and down all the equipment and testing out all the slides. Of particular interest today was the "bumpy" slide, and each of the children had a different approach to this slide. One child inspected it and found that...

... going backwards was safest.

Meanwhile, another jetted down slalom-style...

...and a third used her arms to propel her body down the slide.

One of the children gathered her courage and tried out one of the faster slides for the first time. As you can see, she really liked it!

We love the American Sign Language letter sign chart at this park, and some of the children worked with me on signing their names letter by letter.

On the walk home we found the shell of a robin's egg. We examined its color and shape and wondered together how the egg found its way to the sidewalk's edge.

Later in the day, we read Jack's Garden and a selection about a bee who lost its buzz from Reg Down's book The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly.

See you tomorrow!

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