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  • Melanie Patric

Block Play, Worms, and Water Play...

Today began with block play after our usual morning routine. We used a combination of rocks and handmade nature blocks, and the children used their imaginations to make "bridges," "a hiding spot," and "a tower." Some dolls were moved in and the children played with them happily for quite some time.

Once the block play faded away, we moved on to some gross motor play. I brought out a large tent with a tunnel, and the children and I had lots of fun pretending through the poem "We're Going On a Bear Hunt."

As you can see, crawling through the "cold, dark cave" was everyone's favorite part!

It was soon time to head outside, and the children and I blew some more dandelion clocks. It's so much fun for the children to watch the seeds float away on the breeze, and they come back for more and more.

While digging in the sandbox, the children found an earthworm. We took turns practicing holding it gently before setting it down in a more hospitible area.

Some of the children enjoyed the cool, slimy worm experience more than others...

Our last outdoor activity was playing in bins of water. Once the initial joy and splashing calmed down, we focused on pouring and dumping, but...

... admittedly splashing was a lot of fun!

Later in the day we looked at some books of animals and talked about big and small animals. We wondered why there were no worms in our book. We're not sure why, but we can all agree that worms are animals, too!

See you tomorrow!

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