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  • Melanie Patric

Block Play, Music, and a Start to the Super-Secret Mother's Day Project...

Today we decided to do a fresh take on our block play. After our morning routine, I had the big kids play an imitation game. I had them follow a series of steps as I built a structure to create structures that looked the same as mine. I was astounded by how easily they were able to do this!

Adding new rows that are in the middle of two blocks below to create pyramidal structures is a tough spatial challenge for the kids, but they were up to it! Once the big kids and I were done our block play, the littles and I worked on putting the blocks back into their basket g-e-n-t-l-y.

Next, we worked on our SUPER-SECRET Mother's Day project. The kids had lots of fun working on this project and did very well with guidance. Here's a sneak peek... betcha can't guess what it's going to be!

Later in the day we read Make Way For Ducklings, which is quickly becoming a favorite. The children love to hear the duckling's alphabetical names- Jack, Kak, Lak, Mak, Nak, Ouak, Pak, and Quack!

See you tomorrow!

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