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A Perfect Day for Sensory Painting...

This morning we enjoyed a really fun pretend session. We set up the farm animals with a big fence made of unit blocks. We played out a scene where a bull kept losing his temper and the other animals helped him figure out how to use his words to tell the other animals when he was getting mad instead of stomping and crying. Role playing can be a very fun way and non-threatening way to work through some common social-emotional challenges toddlers encounter.

Even the littles are able to engage with play like this on their level- they are fascinated by imitating the big kids and are learning about animal names and noises in the process.

Eventually, we used more unit blocks to make new houses and caves for the animals to explore.

Later on, we had a really nice sensory play time/process art project. We used red, white, and purple fingerpaint and really went at it! The littles are really interested in the cool, wet, squishy feel of the paint, while the bigger kids enjoy using the paint to make pictures. It's a win-win!

Some of the children began painting timidly with just one finger at a time...

... while others were happy to jump right in with their palms and go to town!

Later in the day, we read I Love You Through and Through, Daddy Kisses, and Mommy Loves Me.

See you tomorrow!

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