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  • Melanie Patric

Valentine's Day Fun!

What a fun way to start our day- we breakfasted on heart-shaped pink pancakes and heart-shaped red strawberries. Yum!

We worked on the very last of our Valentine's Day surprises- warm fuzzies in sizes and numbers representative of our familes.

We finished up one last page in our Valentine's Heart Book by using celery to stamp rose shapes on the page. These kids are great at stamping, and stamping is good for refining gross motor skills.

After our art projects were finished, we headed outside for lots of fresh air. We had fun exploring the forts we had made, using the sleds, and becoming "ice fairies that eat ice and stay awake all winter long."

The "Ice Fairies" loved looking for ice to put in an "ice collection" so they would have plenty to snack on all winter.

Others had fun walking around...

... or finding snowballs to carry around!

Sometimes the walking was tough for the littles, but with all that padding, a bump on the bottom was more a cause for smiles than cries.

After our outdoor time, we came in and had a super-fun dance party to some love-themed songs. It was a great way to warm up again!

in the afternoon, we read I Love You Forever by Robert Munsch and Sheila McGraw. I can finally make it through a reading of this book without a sniffle or a teary eye, but it's taken me almost five years!

See you tomorrow!

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