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GBBC Begins in Earnest, Guess Who, and Lots of Movement!

Today it was all about the birds! This was the very first day we could actually enter the results of our Great Backyard Bird Count online on eBird. If you're interested in seeing our progress and bird counts, here's a link. You can find observations under my name or "BlueSkyDaycareKids." We were so surprised when the normally shy cardinal suddenly popped up to brighten our morning... what a beautiful bird! We were even more surprised when seven more cardinals showed up!

I tried to get a picture of all eight cardinals at the same time, but I couldn't quite catch the moment.

After our morning routines, we played a game of Guess Who. This is an absolutely wonderful game for kids old enough to understand- it works on logic and reasoning skills, helps children learn to ask meaningful questions, uses fine motor skills (those tiny doors can be tricky!), and even touches on some math skills like number recognition and counting. I helped the younger preschooler... the older one was on her own and she did great!

Next we decided we were in the mood for some coloring, so I worked on drawing circles, lines, and other shapes with the big kids and worked on proper grip with the little. We had some very colorful results!

We took some time to sing some songs- the Alphabet song, Big Rock Candy Mountain, and other favorites. After music, we decided we needed to get moving, so we worked on climbing steps and, for the big kids, jumping. The little worked on stepping up with help while the big kids took turns. It was so much fun to count down 3-2-1 and then have the big kids time their jumps so I could capture pictures of them flying through the air!

This one looks like an alien abduction...

A real flying leap!

No legs?

Flap your wings like a cardinal!

At the end of the day, we read a selection of our Valentine's and love-themed books. What a fun day!

See you on Monday!

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