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Hunkered down on Friday...

Today turned out to be a day where we hunkered down and did the best we could given circumstances. The day was ripe for making snowmen and frolicking in the snow, but one of the children wasn't feeling 100 percent, so we made today as gentle and relaxing as possible.

We proceeded through our morning routine at a slightly slower pace and kept things a little quieter and calmer than usual. After that, we settled in for some fun block play. I encouraged the bigger kids to create elements like paths, ponds, lakes, mountains, caves, homes, and such using a combination of our unit blocks, alphabet blocks, and some handmade tree slices.

Block play at Blue Sky Daycare home daycare

The littles really liked to rearrange everything, and I reminded the older children that we can always make a new element and the next one we build might be even better.

After that, we settled down for lots of reading time. We read The Missing Mitten Mystery, One Snowy Day (a counting book), Just a Snowman, and The Snowy Day. The children just love being read to, and I'm always happy to accomodate!

We ventured outside for 15 minutes and the older children loved playing in the snow. I started a snowball for them to roll and after it got too heavy, they decided to have a snowball fight. It was clear the snowball fight was all in good fun!

Blue Sky Daycare home daycare children enjoying outdoor play

Some of the children made snow angels...

Blue Sky Daycare home daycare children enjoying outdoor play

... and some just enjoyed the challenge of walking in the deeper drifts of snow.

Blue Sky Daycare home daycare children enjoying outdoor play

Nature observation by Blue Sky Daycar home daycare children

While we were outside, one fo the children noticed some feathers in the snow. I asked the children what they thought had happened, and they thought that an animal probably ate a bird. I agreed, and we brainstormed what kinds of bird-eating animals might be visiting our backyard. We thought it could possibly have been a coyote, a cat, or an owl.

We finished our day cuddled up inside reading Snow Bear by Miriam Moss and One Snowy Day by Tammi Salzano. See you next week!

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