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  • Melanie Patric


With December came the snow, and we had lots of fun playing in it

We made snowmen, complete with pumpkin "crowns..."

and snow horses fit for several riders!

Like little elves, when we weren't playing outside, holiday crafts kept everyone busy. The children created a variety of ornaments to bring home and share with their families. Each activity honed fine motor skills.

The crafts included skills like winding yarn around a form (it's tricky to put the right amount of tension and move one's arm in just the right way!), using a large, blunt needle to stack squares of felt, putting beads onto pipe cleaners, and handling small pieces of string, felt, and paper.

We talked a lot about the joys of making and giving during the holidays, and had several discussions about how giving the ornaments to family members was a wonderful way to make people special to us feel good... and feel good ourselves!

The children went beyond filling their holiday gift bags with ornaments- we also baked two kinds of cookies together! As always, filling, measuring, and dumping the ingredients was a high point in our holiday preparations.

The children were beyond proud be be able to give something made with their own hands to their families, and hopefully the children will be able to cherish the little objects made with so much love for years to come!

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