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  • Melanie Patric

Thanksgiving and more!

The daycare children and I did our best to enjoy the last snow-free days in November. We went outside as much as we possibly could, for once the snow flies, we'll have to say goodby to the sandbox and some of the other outdoor toys. You can see in the slideshow below that between foot races, investigating leaves and other plants, and working on navigating in our winter gear, there was still lots of fun to be had.

As we worked up to our Thanksgiving meal, the children enjoyed doing some Thanksgiving-inspired crafts. The children helped trace their handprints and then glue them onto paper to make fancy-tailed "thankful" turkeys. Each handprint feather had something the child was thankful for. The children also had the chance to use their fingerprints to create a lovely and colorful leaves on a tree and say the thing they were most thankful for on that day.

Before we knew it, the day of our daycare Thanksgiving celebration was here. The children and I spent the whole morning measuring, mixing, and discussing ingredients as we made pumpkin bread (pictured below).

The children also helped prepare mashed potatoes (pictured below), cranberry sauce from scratch, green beans, corn.

At last, the moment to eat arrived, and we all sat down together to share one last moment of thanks before we ate all the delicious food that we had prepared. It was wonderful!

The last week of November brought us the first snowfall, and the children and I had tons of fun getting outdoors and playing in it! We worked together to create a large snow fort, made tracks through the snow, and even had a few sled rides.

See you soon!

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