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  • Melanie Patric

Halloween Party Time!

Today we celebrated Blue Sky Daycare's 5th annual Halloween party! The children and I had so much fun engaging in a range of fun and spooky activities!

Once our usual morning routine was finished, we began our party with classic sensory game- the children took turns feeling some Halloween-themed items in a covered bowl. They felt "bat ears" (fresh sage leaves), "jellyfish pieces" (well-oiled noodles), "dragon eyeballs" (peeled grapes), and "monster slime" (pistachio pudding).

The "bat ears" were fun to feel... they were "fuzzy" and "small."

The children were less certain about how the "jellyfish pieces" felt... they were "slimy" and "yucky!" The dragon eyeballs were "cold" and "round," and the monster slime was "gross!!!!" but strangely delicious...

Next it was time for apple bobbing! We'be been reading a poem all about bobbing for apples and talked about the illustration at length, so the children were well prepared and understood that you have to get the apple without using your hands. The children actually did very well and two of them got an apple with their teeth!

The apples were a tasty, healthy snack, and after we washed our hands, the children helped make their lunch entree- "Roasted Mummy Fingers!"

After we cleaned up from our sensory game, apple bobbing, and mummy fingers, the children donned their Halloween costumes and got ready for a photo shoot, then we paraded around the room.

After lunch and naps, the children and I had a fantastic time practicing our Trick-or-Treating skills in a pretend game. I handed out various toys in the stead of candy, and the children practiced saying "trick-or-treat," "please," "thank you," and "Happy Halloween" at the appropriate times.

We finished the Halloween party by dancing to Halloween tunes like "The Monster Mash," "Thriller" and such. We even had a light dome that created spooky multi-colored lights to add to the ambiance. By the time we were done dancing, everyone was pretty tired!

It was a great celebration and everyone had a wonderful time. See you soon!

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