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  • Melanie Patric

Giant Bubbles, Cupcakes, and Sunflowers

Today we overlapped some of our sunflower-themed activities with a fun bubble activity. Right after breakfast the children looked on as I made a special bubble solution using cornstarch, baking soda, glycerin, and water. The solution had to sit for a while, so we let it rest as we went about our daily routine.

The children loved another telling of "Why the Sunflowers Hang Their Heads" and then retelling the story as they acted it out.

We enjoyed the sun as we ate our snack outdoors, then set off to make some giant bubbles. I showed the children the technique of holding the bubble wands/sticks together and slowly widening the gap between them to let the strings stretch and open. Most of the children needed help, but some could do it independently.

It was so much fun to see what shape the bubbles would take... big they would get...

...and there were so many colors to see and movement to watch for the little as the big kids ran around the yard trying to catch the giant bubbles!

Later the children had a deep play session in the mud kitchen. They served up "brownies," "cupcakes," and "soup."

We checked on our gorgeous yellow sunflowers, and just like in the story, their heads were deeply drooping as they called to their little brothers who were just too comfortable sleeping under the ground to get up and grow.

Later in the afternoon we read several books. We revisited Happy Birthday, Moon and Kitten's First Full Moon among others.

See you tomorrow!

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