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  • Melanie Patric

Muffins, A Bird Rescue, and Outdoor Fun...

This morning was lots of fun. After our calendar, weather, and monthly circle time routine, the children requested some extra circle time activities including several rounds of "Ring Around the Rosy" and singing "Do You Know the Muffin Man." This set the stage perfectly for making muffins!

We began by measuring out butter and sugar, adding an egg, and then mixing them all together. It was fascinating to watch the beaters twirl around in the bowl.

Next, the children helped measure and combine baking powder, baking soda, salt, and flour.

We didn't want to forget the muffin papers! Last, we added the 10-grain mixture and some milk, then the batter was ready to pour into the muffin tin. We popped the muffins into the oven and headed outdoors.

As soon as we stepped out the door, we heard distressed chirping coming from the mulberry tree. A bird was caught in the netting I had installed to keep the birds from eating all the mulberries. With a pair of gloves and gentle hands, I was able to free the bird. We took a few moments to look at the bird and talk about how happy we were it could be set free with no harm done. Perhaps next year we'll let the birds have at the mulberries!

Once the excitement of freeing the bird passed, the children and I spent some time in the garden.

I encouraged the children to smell the flowers again since some new ones had bloomed since the last time we used our noses in the garden.

Some smelled good, some not so good, and some were more fun to touch. I'm happy that the children were able to use as many of their senses as they wanted to in the garden.

We noticed three more gourds growing along the fence, and then we too a few moments to rub and smell the herbs that were growing below the gourds.

After that the children gravitated to the sandbox where they had lots of fun pouring, filling, dumping, and creating imaginary scenes.

One of the children decided she wanted to use a bulldozer to make a road, and soon other children joined in and made mountains and a lake.

At the end of the day the children listened to another telling of the shooting star story from a few days earlier.

See you on Monday!

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