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  • Melanie Patric

Pretend Play, Water Play, and Garden Excitement...

Today was a fun day! During our calendar and weather routine we noted that it was going to be a hot, hot, HOT day and we all agreed it would be lots of fun to do some water play. After circle time we set up a pretend play area with a lake/ocean, a river, and a meadow. It was fun to pretend with sharks and whales in the water and to use our imaginations to reenact scenes from Three Days on a River in a Red Canoe.

Before the sun was too intense, we slathered on sunblock, put on bathing suits, and headed outdoors for lots of water fun. At first the children had fun practicing walking on the slippery surface of the slip-and-slide...

... then they had fun taking turns getting extra refreshment...

...lots of it!

It was fun to try to catch water droplets, too. They are tricky to catch!

Last, the children enjoyed filling up buckets, watering cans, and various other containers and help water the gardens.

We found some beautiful sweet peas in the flower garden and took turns enjoying their lovely fragrance.

The children also noticed newly blooming zinnias in a hot orange color. They are bright and interesting to look at. We love how the garden appeals to all of our senses- there are all kinds of colors to look at, different sizes and shapes to see, different textures to feel, and a variety of scents to smell.

Last, the children found a big gourd growing in the vegetable garden. It's alread about the size of two softballs stacked on top of one another. We wondered how big it will get and made some estimates.

Later in the afternoon, the children and I read several summertime and ocean-themed chapters from The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly. We especially liked the chapter when Tiptoes the fairy helped young octopus untangle his seven legs. We all thought it was funny that poor Octopus kept getting his legs in a know because he could only count to seven. We hope he will learn about number eight soon!

See you tomorrow!

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