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  • Melanie Patric

Fish, Pretend Beach, and Water Fun...

Today the children and I did some more exploration of our underwater theme. After our morning routine, we worked on creating some shiny, eye-catching silver fish. First, we worked together to wrap some paperboard fish with aluminum foil. After that, each child used markers to decorate the fish.

In the end, each fish had its own unique and special look, and they made a lovely, shiny school when hung on the wall.

After that, we had lots of fun pretending to be on a beach. We spread out beach towels and collected shells. We looked for whales, sharks, and fish as we pretended to snorkel under the water.

Soon after, it was time to head outside and have fun with water. We began our water play session under the sprinkler. The children had a wonderful time running through the spray or cautiously creeping up to a single jet to feel it with just their hand. When the children tired of the sprinkler, we did some more experimentation in the bubble bins. We added some of our mud kitchen items and had lots of fun washing the sand off them in the soapy water. Filling and wringing sponges was lots of fun and great practice to strengthen little fingers.

While we were outside, we took a few moments to check our vegetable and flower gardens. We found new blooms on the morning glory plants and several zucchini that were nearly ready to be picked. We'll check again tomorrow to see if they're ready.

Later in the afternoon we read Jack's Garden and Three Days on a River in a Red Canoe. We had lots of fun talking about what we would do that was the same as the campers in Canoe and what we would do differently.

See you tomorrow!

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