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  • Melanie Patric

Fishing, Growing, Fireflies, and Mud Kitchen...

We had so much fun this morning! After our morning routine, we pulled out our pretend fishing set and caught lots and lots of colorful fish. Using the fishing poles requires great gross muscle control and patience, but it's so exciting to "catch" a fish that it's completely worth the effort for the children.

After everyone had taken several turns fishing, we headed outside and began caring for the garden. We checked the vegetable garden and found two zucchini to pick (we gave them to a neighbor later in the day. We love to share our harvest!). We also checked on some sunflowers that up until now have been hiding in the back border. They are just beginning to get big enough to draw attention. We are going to check on the sunflowers' growth by measuring how tall it is compared to some of our kids. Right now one sunflower is as tall as our littlest person.

While we were checking out the sunflower, we noticed a bug crawling on the stalk. We took a closer look are realized it was a firefly! Fireflies are so amazing, and we all agree they are somewhat magical.

After watering the rest of our plants, the children enjoyed making "smoothies," "cupcakes," and "sushi" in the mud kitchen and sandbox.

While the big kids played at cooking, the little in attencance had fun doing lots of scooping into and transporting buckets of sand all around.

She also loved trying to use the badminton racquet.

At the end of the day we enjoyed reading Three Days on a River in a Red Canoe, a great story about going on a canoe/camping trip written from a child's perspective. We also read a few short stories about fireflies from collections of tales written by Reg Down about bees and fireflies.

See you Monday!

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