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  • Melanie Patric

Happy July, Tangrams, and Park Time...

We were excited to change the calendar over from June to July this morning, change out some of our toys, and put some of our July decorations. We hung a bright orange and yellow sun in the window and added some pictures of sea creatures that correspond to our fingerplays.

After all the changeover and an introduction to our new circle time routine for July, we worked on using a set of tangram boards and matching the the small wooden shapes to the pictures on the boards. We liked that we could make our own beautiful creations with the shapes, too.

After we put away the shapes, the children and I took a few moments to care for the vegetable garden and check for veggies that were ready for harvesting, but there were none that were quite ready today.

Next, we set out for the nearby park. On our way there, we saw a doe and her fawn bound across the road and into the wooded area nearby. We followed them into the woods, but could find no trace of them. We decided deer are very fast and very good at hiding in the woods.

When we got to the park, the children were thrilled to see other kids at the park. We had brought along some jump ropes, treasures to hide in the sandbox, and wipes, and were more than happy to share them all. This was a great time for the children to practice their manners and use the social skills we've been working on, and they had a wonderful time.

See you tomorrow!

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