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  • Melanie Patric

Celebrating Summer, Sandbox Towns, and Flower Hunting...

What fun we had this morning as the children pretended to be "Summer Fairies" who were responsible for showing the bees where all the nectar was! The children raced around the yard tapping the flowers with some homemade summer wands. When that activity grew old, we checked the vegetable plants for ripe vegetables. We found a tomato, a cucumber, and two jalepenos.

After that, we spent some time imagining a town in the sandbox. Before long it was complete with...

... tiny houses...

... and roads cleared by a bulldozer.

Some children even made mountains and valleys!

We did a fun flower scavenger hunt. We looked for a white flower, a pink flower, a purple flower, flowers made of lots of tiny flowers all together, single flowers, and flowers that smelled good. We found them all!

One of the children's sharp eyes also spotted a colorful Skipper butterfly.

Later in the day we read the book Rainbabies by Laura Krauss Melmed and enchanting illustrations by Jim LaMarche. It's a sweet story of the unconditional love of parents and makes clear that children are safe in the hands of their mothers and fathers.

See you tomorrow!

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