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  • Melanie Patric

A Perfect Park Day!

Today was just right for heading out to the park after our morning routine. The sun was filtered by some light clouds, so the children and I weren't overheating, but it was still sunny and cheerful. We started off with lots of play on the slides and climbing equipment...

... then moved on to games of hide and seek.

I helped the younger children practice somersaults in the grass while the eldest practiced cartwheels and roundoffs.

I buried some "treasures" in the sand, then the children settled down to dig the treasures out. Once they had all ten, we traced numbers from 1-10 in the sand and worked together to lay out the corresponding number of treasures next to the number.

We did some extra counting to verify we had all ten treasures before we left the park.

The children had a wonderful time practicing their social skills because there were other children and adults at the park. The Blue Sky Daycare children did a great job inviting the other children to play along on the treasure hunt and acting out "Three Billy Goats Gruff." When it was time to leave, we bid our new friends farewell and thanked them for playing with us.

When we arrived at home, we watched a butterfly land on the deck in the back yard. The children and I are proud we've worked so hard to make our yard a welcoming spot where butterflies can find plenty of nectar.

See you tomorrow!

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