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  • Melanie Patric

Picnic Day!

The children have been looking forward to picnic day all month long- it's one of their favorite events. We had so much fun and it began right after our morning routine with the classic memory game "I'm Going On a Picnic." It's lots of fun trying to remember what others said they were bringing and just as much fun to pick a silly item to add to the list.

After our picnic game was done, the children prepared iced tea to bring with us on our picnic. We smelled the tea...

...unwrapped it...

...and put it in a bottle of water to steep.

The children thought the tea smelled "warm" and "yummy." Soon after, we worked on some ant-themed fingerprint artwork to adorn our walls.

We enjoyed our morning snack as a picnic in the back yard. We focused on using nice manners and remaining seated on the blanket until we were done eating. Our first picnic of the day was followed by lots of bubble play.

We began by blowing bubbles...

... followed by using brushes to make lots of foamy bubbles...

... and paintbrushes to spread the bubbles all around.

We worked on team scrubbing...

... and then used the leftover water and bubbles to do a little decorating. Sometimes the children used the brushes...

... and sometimes they didn't. Either way, the water felt lovely and cool.

We cleaned up inside, then headed back outdoors for the second picnic of the day. It was so hot that we sought the only nearby shady spot. The children enjoyed passing out little sandwiches with toothpicks while I served watermelon, pickles, and potato salad. We enjoyed the iced tea, too.

The watermelon was so juicy and refreshing that nearly all the children ate it first.

The best part was that we only saw one ant through the whole Picnic Day celebration!

See you tomorrow!

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