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  • Melanie Patric

A Day in Nature...

This windy morning was perfect for kite flying, so soon after our morning routine we set off on an adventure. We brought along our big, bright new kite in hopes of getting it up and off the ground, but first we stopped to take in some interesting sights as we walked through the woods.

We saw some interestingly shaped flowers...

... a blue butterfly (though its wings are grayish on the bottom)...

... and had a close encounter with a toad.

The children also had fun blowing cottonseed fluff into the air...

... and spotted a cormorant diving into the water to get a fish. It swam to the bank of the pond...

... and then flew off. Who knew birds could be such good swimmers?

One child found a big feather. We left the feather where it was in case another animal wanted to use it to make a soft, warm nest.

Finally, it was time to use the kite! The breeze lifted the kite off easily and the children took turns holding onto the kite's handle. They could feel the kite tugging on the end of the string and loved watching it dance in the air. We named the kite "Rainbow."

Fly high, little kite!

The sky began to have a brooding quality, so we reeled in Rainbow and headed for home. We made it just in time to feel a few raindrops just as we walked up the driveway to the door. It was perfect timing!

The children enjoyed their lunch and took a much-needed nap. All that exploring and exercise is great for growing bodies and the children need a restorative period, too.

When the children woke up, we read Curious George Flies a Kite and talked about how George's kite was different than ours. We also talked a bit about what George could do to make his kite flying more fun.

See you tomorrow!

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