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  • Melanie Patric

A Smoky Day...

Today dawned in a rather strange way- the sun appeared to be a reddish-orange color that looked like a harvest moon more than a sun. The children all noticed that the sun looked unusual, and we discovered that the sun's appearance was due to smoke from Canadian wildfires blowing on the wind all the way to our area.

After our morning routine we set out on a nature walk. We had barely stepped foot out the door when we noticed a caterpillar crawling across the sidewalk. One of the children wanted to move the caterpillar to the relative safety of the grass, and did so very gently.

The children and I continued along our path to a nearby prairie area. It began to get quite warm, and not all the children were comfortable, so we took a break on a bench before continuing to the park.

The children and I arrived at the park and we decided to play at being pirates and stowaways.

We practiced saying classic pirate phrases like "ahoy matey!" "yarrrrr," and "walk the plank!"

One child liked climbing up the ladder to the "crow's nest..."

...while another stowaway had to "walk the plank."

All in all, being a pirate turned out to be lots of fun!

Later, one child enjoyed selling "pinapple cakes" at her storefront...

...while another enjoyed riding in a wiggly bouncer.

It was a fantastic day despite the smoggy appearance of the sky.

See you tomorrow!

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