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  • Melanie Patric

The Great Outdoors, Music, and Play Dough...

We were all thrilled to have a gorgeous and golden spring day to romp outside, so we did our morning routine quickly and efficiently. We all dressed in our light jackets and shoes and out the door we went!

The children first enjoyed playing in the sandbox. There's so much digging to do and so many interesting sensory things about sand for the littles to explore- it can be cool or warm, grainy or powdery, wet or dry all depending on the weather and the temperature.

It's also fun for them to feel the differences between heavy and light by filling buckets just a little and filling them a lot.

After playing in the sandbox for a bit, we moved on to taking care of the garden. On the disappointing end of the spectrum, many of the plants we had planted last week died during a period of hard frost despite being covered; on the happy end of the spectrum, since the garden had a frost blanket, the temperature of the soil had risen high enough for the seeds we planted to germinate. The children helped me water the garden beds with a hose and they noticed a rainbow in the spray. It's such a magical moment when they spot a rainbow! We covered the beds back up and let the sun warm the soil and wake even more of the seeds. Let's hope that the tiny green seedlings don't run into any freezing temperatures like their predecessors.

Next, the children and I had fun playing with balls.

The littles got to try throwing the big footballs. It was a challenge because to them, the balls are quite large and heavy.

The big kids got lots of exercise chasing whiffle balls that I batted across the yard for them, then they took turns trying to hit the ball off a tee.

We also took time to look at the tiny seedlings growing in some of our containers- there's everything from swan neck gourds to German chamomile, and soon there will be more!

It's going to be an amazing year for the children's senses as more and more plants thrive and have an array of plants to see, feel, and smell.

Later in the day the children and I enjoyed music time together. We worked on "I'm a Little Teapot," "I Know and Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly," and "The Itsy Bitsy Spider."

Our afternoon closed with a session of making a variety of animals like snails and such out of our homemade play dough, and all too soon was at an end.

See you tomorrow!

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