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  • Melanie Patric

A Day at the Park and a Happy Birthday!

Everyone was excited to celebrate a daycare birthday today, and the birthday girl decided that we should go to the park if the weather allowed.

We began our morning like any other with calendar and weather, but it was particularly fun for the birthday girl to see the birthday tag marking the date and knowing it was her special day. We talked a little bit about what she would be doing for her birthday and how we were looking forward to eating some delicious blue cupcakes she had brought to share with everyone.

Next, we enjoyed some fun during music time. The birthday girl got to pick her favorite songs for us to sing along to. Among her picks were the "I Love You" song made famous in the children's show Barney and Friends, our "March Wind" song that we wrote together, and Laurie Berkner's song "Boots."

After morning snack we gathered up what we needed and headed over to the park. The children had a wonderful time and even got to meet some new friends.

The littles particularly enjoyed digging in the sandbox and crossing the bridge when they weren't interacting with the other children at the park.

The big kids were interested in climbing the vertical ladder, and the birthday girl conquered crossing from the vertical ladder to the jungle gym platform at last!

When we made it home, we all had a wonderful time celebrating the birthday girl.

We sang "Happy Birthday" to her as we presented her with a candle-topped cupcake. What a happy moment at the daycare!

See you next week!

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