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  • Melanie Patric

A Day at the Playground!

After the scary storms last night, today radiated the sunshiny cheer as only a rain-washed April morning can. Since we were cooped up so much this week, I decided that as soon as we were done our morning routines and snack that the children and I would head to the park. That's just what we did, and our late morning and afternoon looked like this:

The sandbox was lots of fun- the texture of the wet sand was fun to feel, and the littles liked squeezing and molding the sand.

Sprinkling the sand was serious business!

Sharing handfuls of sand with friends, though, was lots of fun.

Some of the big kids worked on bridging the gap.

Meanwhile, a trip up the stairs meant finding friends...

... on the bridge.

Going through tunnels was fun...

... as was going down the slide two at a time.

Even the biggest kid was having a good time!

Trying to get a nice picture of all the children together proved tough, but in the end...

... they all did smile!

The last thing we did before heading back home was let the littles ride in the swings. The big kids took turns pushing.

While waiting for their respective turns, some of the children decided to ride on the motorcycle bouncer.

All in all it was a fantastic day at the park and just what all the children needed to calm the restlessness they felt. Everyone had a wonderful time, and the children especially enjoyed a roll down the big berm on the way back home.

After handwashing, lunch, and naps, we kept the mood a little more subdued and read The Easter Egg, The Carrot Seed, and Spring.

See you on Monday!

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