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  • Melanie Patric

Books, Tents, and Geese...

We started our day with our regular calendar, weather, and circle time activities and then the children and I decided we wanted to read lots of stories. Perhaps the dull gray clouds put us in the mood to curl up with some good books.

We read Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, Ten Little Fingers, Mommy Loves Me, Just a Mess, and The Pout Pout Fish.

Soon after I finished reading to the children, they were ready to move, so we put together an obstacle course. First, the children had to crawl over a pile of pillows, then through a tunnel, under the train table, and then they had to stand in a box outlined with masking tape and toss balls into a basket.

It was lots of fun but lots of work, too, so sometimes the littles had to take a cuddle break.

The big kids remained energized as you can see...

After we picked up our obstacle course, we set up the large variety of play tents and connected them with tunnels. Even the most cautious little was excited to crawl through the tunnels today.

There she goes! While we were in the houses, we pretended to be a family with a mom and a dad putting the "kids" to bed. We lined some of the rooms with fluffy pillows and blankets and sang lullabies.

In the afternoon, we set out some extra food for our friends the geese and we were happy to see them show up soon after.

It was a fun day filled with movement activities. The children and I are eager to get back outside, so hopefully the temperatures will cooperate with us soon.

See you tomorrow!

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