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Block Play, Rainbows, Windchimes, and the Sandbox...

We started today with some great block play- the big kids created an absolutely amazing castle together and about two seconds before I photographed it, they decided to knock it down and build a house instead. It's too bad I didnt' get the chance to share it here on the blog because it truly impressed me, but I'm very happy that they are adhering to the "if it gets knocked down, you can always build another one" phrase that I use with them.

After block play, we did our usual morning routine- calendar, weather, and circle time. The children were particularly enthusiastic about singing the Alphabet song and I noticed one of the littles singing her own version along with us. It's so exciting to see a little making such great progress as she learns to speak!

After our morning routine, we talked a bit about rainbows and used some faceted crystals to project rainbows on the wall. We pointed out each color and took turns holding the flashlight. We followed this activity by reading A Rainbow of My Own by Don Freeman, the man who wrote and illustrated the children's classic Corduroy. Tomorrow we want to try to make a rainbow on the wall with water just like in the story.

After that, we talked a little bit about the wind. I let the children tell me what they knew about wind. We decided that we couldn't see it but we could feel it, that we could see what it does when we look outside and see things blowing around, and that sometimes it feels cold on our skin. We wondered where it comes from and what it's made of... Sometimes it's best to let the children wonder and formulate their own conclusions.

After hanging our lovely windchimes up in the mulberry tree, we had a lovely time playing in the sandbox. The littles worked on using shovels and pails while the big kids focused on making pretend items- cupcakes, castles, other food, mountains, and slides to name a few.

After dumping out all the sand in our boots, we came back in. After lunch and naptime, I read That's What Leprechauns Do one last time, and then we had fun thinking about the leprechauns that dropped gold in our back yard.

See you tomorrow!

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