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  • Melanie Patric

Forcing Bulbs, Playing Ball, and Grocery Store...

Today was an inside day due to the crazy weather- icy sleet pelted everything for the better part of four hours!

We took advantage of the day by talking about the weather during our calendar routine. We don't get sleet all that often, so it was worth talking about how it was different from snow. We noticed that the birds we usually see outside were probably snuggled up somewhere else and we wondered where they hide when the weather is bad.

After our morning routine, we worked on our first gardening-themed project for March, forcing bulbs. It will be so nice to get some early green into our lives! We looked at bags of gladiolus bulbs and at the picture of the flowers on the label.

Blue Sky Daycare child doing a gardening science project

Ours will be purple when they bloom. We looked at the bulbs and I pointed out the "belly button" on the bottom where the roots of the plant will grow and the pointed tip where the leaves will emerge. We talked a bit about what plants need to grow and decided they needed at least water and light. Everyone got their own jar and a label with their name on it to stick on, and then we counted out pebbles to put in the bottom of the jar to support the bulbs as they grow.

Blue Sky Daycare child doing a gardening science project

We each got two bulbs to carefully drop in and we checked them to make sure they were tip up, and then we carried them to a sunny windowsill.

Blue Sky Daycare child doing a gardening science project

We'll check them each day to watch their progress. I wonder when we'll see them start to change...

After our science project, we moved on to playing a fun game of ball. The children love to roll and kick the balls around and bring them back for me to roll, too. It's great active play and a nice way to take turns.

Blue Sky Daycare child playing ball

Later, we enjoyed using our lovely new cash register to play grocery store. The older children used the paper money that came with the register to pay, and it was great practice to count the money out and learn common denominations of paper money.

Blue Sky Daycare child playing pretend grocery store

As usual, the children took turns acting out each role and had oodles of fun!

We fit in a quick session of train play before lunch...

Blue Sky Daycare children playing trains

...and practiced our train sound effects and keeping the trains on the tracks.

Later in the day, we read our usual books of colors, words, shapes, and opposites as well as The Hat and The Mitten. What a fun day!

See you tomorrow!

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