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  • Melanie Patric

Valentine's Day Roundup and Cooking Science and Math...

Today we worked on some of the finishing touches in our big Valentine's Day gift for the childrens' parents- a book of Valentine's hearts. So far we've used stickers, glued on tiny hearts, and have done some watercolor paining as we create the books. Today we added tissue paper hearts that we adhered to the pages by brushing layers of glue and we glued some hearts made out of our watercolor paintings in a flower shape on another page.

Todays main attraction, though, was a science and math experiment exploring states of matter and graphing. We wanted to know how long it would take for us to melt various types of chocolate. We used white chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, and dark chocolate. We unwrapped the chocolate and talked a bit about the differences in color. We decided on colors to represent each type of chocolate in a bar graph. We talked about how we would microwave the chocolate in 30-second bursts and check it after each burst to determine if it was all the way melted or not... and then how we would drizzle the melted chocolate over popcorn to give to our families! YUM!!!!

We broke the different types of chocolate into three separate but identical containers.

We started by microwaving the white chocolate. It took three sets of 30 seconds to melt. We drizzled the white chocolate and set it outside to harden in the cold. Meanwhile, we guessed how long it would take to melt the semi-sweet. We guessed that it would take longer. After only two and a half 30-second bursts melted it, we were proved wrong! We drizzled away...

... and made sure to record our results.

Lastly, we microwaved the dark chocolate, and this time we guessed right- it took only 2 1/3 bursts to melt the dark chocolate. What a tasty way to explore math and science!

We had lots of fun mixing together the drizzled popcorn in two big bowls and dividing it into containers to bring home tomorrow. We can't wait to eat the popcorn with our Valentines!!!

At the end of the day, we were sooo excited for Valentine's Day that some of us had a very tough time not spilling the beans about what we had made. We can't wait for our party tomorrow, either!

See you tomorrow!

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