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  • Melanie Patric

Lots of science, a bit of outdoor play, and a sprinkling of love...

one of the most profound things I witness as a daycare provider is the natural urge in every child to care for other human beings, especially infants. Every child who I've worked with so far has enjoyed cuddling and pretending with baby dolls. This sort of instinct spills over into interactions between children. I often witness the children comforting each other or spontaneously showing affection toward each other with a gentle pat or such. You can look up the physiological reasons for this... or just recognize the sweetness of it and boost your faith in humanity a little!

This morning was no exception- we had lots of fun taking care of baby dolls and rocking them to sleep in the cradle.

Once our little pretend session was over, we did our usual calendar, weather, and circle time routine. We just added a sharing time to the morning routine and there are some very cute stories that are shared!

During our weather routine, we noted that it was snowing and not just snowy outside. That's a tough distinction for many children to make, so it was a great learning opportunity.

We changed things up a little and read The Snowy Day and talked about what happened to the snowball the little boy brought in from outside, making sure we used the word "melt."

After the story was over, we reviewed what happens to snow when you bring it inside your warm house and then launched into a connected art project- making pictures using melting snow.

We brought in a bowl of snow, then the kids took turns putting handfuls of snow onto a paper. Once they had enough snow, we put drops of food coloring on the snow. It made some neat designs as it melted.

We made sure to check in with the art every so often so we could see what changes were occurring.

While we waited for the snow to melt, we made our famous bread rolls to go with our equally famous vegetable soup.

Dumping and stirring were taken very seriously!

After the bread was ready to go, we bundled up and went outside. We had tons of fun pulling the "Baby Train" around the yard.

It was still snowing, so some of us tried to catch snowflakes on our tongue!

Others enjoyed the challenge of climbing up the small hill in the backyard.

By the time we came in, our bread had risen and our snow picture were almost completely melted. Great timing!

We finished up the day with some more pretend kitchen play (that's been extremely popular lately!) and reading The Snow Bear and Curious George Goes Sledding.

See you tomorrow!

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