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A little music and a little art...

Today the kids and I had a blast making music together and doing some art. After our morning routines, we began by listening to a new song I learned from music therapist Rachel Ramach. Her song "Snowy Day" is a fun one for winter. You can view her version here. After that, we brainstormed a song about winter. We zeroed in on snowmen as our theme and this is what we have so far:

When I look outside my window

And I see the ground is white,

I think of building snowmen

Morning, noon, and night!

I put on all my winter gear;

My boots, my coat, my hat,

My scarf and then my mittens,

And clap, clap, clap!

(spoken: "because I like...")

Snowmen, snowmen, snowmen,

Roll three balls!

Snowmen snowmen, snowmen,

Stack them tall!

Snowmen, snowmen, snowmen,

Make a face,

Put the features in the right place!

After music, we moved on to a guided art activity to make art that says "2015." I presented the kids with a pile of paper numbers which were all mixed together. As I showed each number, the kids had to sort through the pile to find their own.

Once everyone had their four numbers, I modeled how to put the numbers in order.

After that, we glued the numbers onto construction paper and added tiny dots of confetti. It was a great activity for identifying numbers and using fine motor skills!

Once the guided activity was done, the children clearly wanted to continue in the art thread, so I taped a large sheet of butcher paper onto the table and we all had fun coloring with crayons.

This was a nice opportunity for the big kids to model proper use of art materials and for me to do some one-on-one crayon grip tutoring for the little people.

We'll wrap up the day by reading "The Missing Mitten Mystery" by Stephen Kellog along with some simple board books about winter. What a fun day!

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