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December Kindness

December 30, 2016

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Springing Into March!

March 31, 2016



March arrived in grand style with lovely warm breezes and a promise of spring.  We made it outside as much as possible, especially celebrating the opening of the sandbox and mud kitchen.



All the children learned about using the sand respectfully so everyone has a good time, and before long, the children were making cupcakes, pies, soup, and all sorts of other goodies in the kitchen and making mountains, ditches, hills, and roads in the sandbox.




 Outdoor time also focused on playing catch either with me or with friends.  Playing with friends reinforces taking turns as we learn that "the more, the merrier" when it comes to playing together.



 Here comes the ball!

The children developed their gross motor skills while they balanced on a beam.  Balancing like this refines the way the brain, muscles, and nerves work together and helps the children learn where their bodies are in space.


Sometimes moving heavy objects is exactly what a child needs to figure out where their body is in space as well.  It's part of two-year-old learning to push and pull everything in sight to discover the limitations of the body, and the Blue Sky Daycare kids are no exeption.  Heavy rocks?  We love to move them!


 The children and I paid close attention to the gardens looking for signs of spring.  We found some chives coming up, but not much more right now.  A week or two of temperatures in the 60's and the garden will burst into life... needless to say we'll be finishing up March and beginning April with lots of planting.


 The children celebrated St. Patrick's Day with some beautiful rainbow artwork.  They used construction paper and glue sticks with great success as we learned about the colors in a rainbow.



The children loved baking Irish Soda bread from scratch.  We named and identified each ingredient, then each child had a chance to add at least one ingredient (sometimes with a little encouragement or help from a friend). 


The bread came out great and the children enjoyed eating it at lunchtime.  What a great job they did!!!



 At one point in the morning, I thought I saw a flash of green whiz by the big door to the back yard.  The children and I pulled on our outdoor gear and prepared to look for coins any leprechauns might have dropped.  Sure enough, on St. Patrick's Day, the mischievous leprechauns had hidden golden coins all around the yard!  The children excitedly searched every hiding place they could think of, and before too long we had a pile of "gold!"


Right before lunch, we gathered to take a group picture to show off all our green!

 With St. Patrick's Day over, we turned our attention to the outdoors and visited the park.  It was a great time!