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  • Melanie Patric

A Watery Day for Watercolor Painting...

More April showers today meant a day dedicated to working with watercolor painting. We began our day the usual way with calendar, weather, and circle time. It was particularly fun for the littles when they realized their beloved "Tim" needed a full wardrobe change from sweatshirt and shoes to rain gear. After circle time, we moved toward our big project for the day- watercolor painting to investigate color mixing.

Each child had the opportunity to enjoy uninterrupted time at the watercolor board. First, I showed the children how to dip their brush ever so gently in the yellow paint and touch the paper like the brush was tiptoeing across the page.

I let the child paint with yellow freely. When the child seemed to be done with the yellow, I showed the child how to rinse the brush in clean water and wipe the brush on the side of the jar to remove excess water from the brush.

I then introduced the blue paint pot and let the child discover on her own what happened when blue met yellow on the page.

Each child seemed happily surprised that the blue and yellow changed when they came together.

While the paintings dried, we had music time. Today we focused on songs that are nursery rhymes set to a tune like "Sing a Song of Sixpence" and "Mary Had a Little Lamb." The children particularly enjoyed the song of Mary and her lamb and we practiced making "baaa-ing" noises when the song was over. We've also been practicing the alphabet song, and the littles are really beginning to sing along to bits and pieces of the song. We sang a few favorites just for fun which put some of the littles in the mood to practice their newfound skill of spinning in a circle. They spun around and around until they were so dizzy they fell down laughing!

We wrapped up our morning with a book to get us in the mood for Mother's Day- Are You My Mother, the classic story by P D Eastman. The children love naming the animals the baby bird approaches! We talked a little bit about Mother's Day and how much we love our mommies.

Later in the day we had lots of fun practicing our movement skills as the big kids focused on somersaults, standing on one foot, and jumping. The littles and I worked on forward rolls and sideways rolls. It was an energizing end to a fun day!

See you tomorrow!

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