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Outdoor Adventure Day, Color Matching, and Music...

What a wonderful day to be outside! Since the sun was shining down so cheerfully and our energy levels were high, we went on an outdoor adventure first thing after breakfast. We walked up and down the sidewalks with big snowbanks on either side of us.

It was a great time to practice walking together as a group since the snowbanks contained the children who were inclined to wander. We encountered some slippery ice and I showed the littles how to shuffle along so they wouldn't fall.

There were some areas where the sidewalks weren't cleared and we tried blazing a trail of our own with mixed results.

The bigger children capered up and down the big, icy snow piles by the side of the road and got lots of exercise. It's hard work to climb up and down all those slippery hills!

When we came in, we enjoyed some free play time and then we read a book about colors called Do You Know Colors by Katherine Howard and J.P. Miller. It's a classic, but it's fun and interactive enough to engage and entertain the children and it's great for practicing new words for the littles.

After the story, we took turns working on matching squares of felt by color. We encountered a few challenges, mostly related to not wanting to take turns, but in the end we all had a degree of success.

We were all hungry and a bit tired after such an intense outdoor workout, so by the time lunch came, the children had big appetites and really enjoyed some pasta. Yum!

Later in the afternoon, we revisited the March pages of both A Child's Calendar and Year at Maple Hill Farm. We also read Dr. Seuss's ABC book. The older children are doing well at recognizing their letters!

See you tomorrow!

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