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Peeks, Lego Measuring, and Dress-up...

Today was lots of fun! We started the day on a quieter note playing peek-a-boo with the babies. They absolutely love to use the play silks to pull up over their heads... sometimes they like to pull them off, and sometimes they like to wait until I or one of the other children pulls it off. Either way, the surprise is sweet!

The littles have been truly enjoying trying to imitate the bigger children during circle time. They smile with sparkling eyes as they clap along!

We had some extra fun during circle time this morning- we tried out doing our spinning "Dance Like Snowflakes" routine as fast as we could. Needless to say, we were pretty dizzy by the end! We also had lots of fun including the littles during several rounds of "Ring Around the Rosy."

Since one of our bigger kids missed out on Lego measuring yesterday, we repeated the lesson. We found out that the doll cradle is 14 Legos tall, the pretend milk is 6 Legos tall, and the walking blocks are 7 Legos tall.

After the measurment exercise, I had a sincerely wonderful time helping the children create a garden and barn out of blocks. One child was excited to add lots of "flower pots" to the garden, while another was very interested in adding to a tree I had built. Soon the children brought in the animal figures and there were lots of animals asking to live in the barn and eating the flowers in the garden!

Once we had picked up the Legos, we had just enough time to play dress-up. We acted out scenes from Snow White. One child was eager to play the "wicked stepmother" while another wanted to be Snow White. It worked out very well, and we came up with costumes for the prince and a fairy, too. Why not have a fairy instead of dwarfs? Below, Snow White was taking a bite of the poisoned apple...

...with dire consequences!

The wicked stepmother/queen snickers...

... and innocent bystanders are very seriously considering calling the authorities!

All in all, we had a great time today! We wrapped up the day by reading Just a Snowman and Martin's Dream.

See you tomorrow!

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